Nassib the player, who is unsigned free agent after being let go from the Las Vegas Raiders earlier.

Carl Nassib- Unsigned Free Agent

Carl Nassib- Good Morning America

Told "Good Morning America" co-anchor Michael Strahan in an interview on Tuesday that the player.

"The final thing I did was"You know what,to the children.' And then I hit on the post."

Carl Nassib- The Children

Nassib He was a third-round draft selection with the Browns in 2016, was the first active player.

Carl Nassib - Draft Selections

He said to Strahan that he didn't care about how his teammates would react as he reaffirmed that the team.

Carl Nassib - His Teammates

"I only wanted to prove that it doesn't really matter what your gender identity," he said.

Carl Nassib - Gender Entity

He admitted to having "difficult moments" when he was contemplating making an announcement public.

Carl Nassib - Difficult Moments

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"That's the kind of society I'd like to see to see one day," he said. "And I'd like to contribute to this direction."

Carl Nassib- Contributions

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