Carlos Alcaraz- Youngest Player

Carlos Alcaraz has vowed to "keep going" after becoming the youngest player since Rafael Nadal to break into the top five.

The Spaniard fell in his place in the Hamburg European Open final to Lorenzo Musetti on Sunday, and had he won.

Carlos Alcaraz- European League

Carlos Alcaraz- Top 5 Player

Novak Djokovic was also 19 when he broke in the top 5 players in April 2007 - which makes Alcaraz only three teenagers.

It is a significant thing. The effort I do each day to reach my goals"[No.1] 1. And little by little I'm getting closer to my goal.

Carlos Alcaraz- Reach Goals

But, Alcaraz has climbed one spot to the number. 5 and, at 19 years old , he ranks second this century.

Carlos Alcaraz- One Spot

Alcaraz was able to make his ambition of becoming the No. 1 in the world no secret in the past and this week.

Carlos Alcaraz- His Ambitions

Alcaraz will try to keep the ATP crown at this year's Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag.

Carlos Alcaraz- ATP Crown

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"Of course, Umag is a special event for me. I was the first to win a title there, and I'm trying to defend it the next year."

Carlos Alcaraz- Special Event

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