Carmelo Anthony- Long Held Goal

This summer, Carmelo Anthony got to fulfil a long-held goal of being on the same NBA team with Lebron James.

Anthony performed well sometimes, especially at home, which gave L.A. a major offensive boost.

Carmelo Anthony- Performed Well

Anthony was not very consistent offensively as well as his defense and passing were abysmal.

Carmelo Anthony- Not Consistent

He's been a part of a huge team overhaul in the summer because he's among many players with roles.

Carmelo Anthony- Team Overhaul

According to a report from the past forward Carmelo Anthony is interested in making a return.

Carmelo Anthony- Past Forward

"I have heard that Carmelo has expressed interest in a reunion in the near future,' NBA Insider Jake Fischer.

Carmelo Anthony- Expressed Interest

Anthony is a well-known player for Lakers supporters, but it appears that they have to accept.

Carmelo Anthony- Lakers Supporters

Image Source- SF Gate

Carmelo Anthony- Major Brands

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Melo was among the well-known celebrities, with major brands requesting him to join their ranks.

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