Did Howie Roseman steal a quarterback? Brian Westbrook's postseason record? Unbelievable Jordan Mailata stat.

QB Carson Strong- Howie Roseman

Devon Allen is the one that has attracted the most attention when it comes the Eagles' 2022 group of undrafted free agents.

QB Carson Strong-Atrracted the Eagles

Carson Strong is also a fascinating player. Strong has some concerns. Two knee operations before your 23rd Birthday.

QB Carson Strong- Fascinating Players

It is not clear how his knees will heal and whether he will be able to move enough to make it through the NFL. 

QB Carson Strong- Knees Will Heal

Past year,Strong became the eighth BCS quarterback to throw at least 36 touchdown pass for more than 4,000 yards.

QB Carson Strong- Eighth BCS Quarterback

Do you think so? This is how you stole an NFL QB, without having to use a draft pick. Howie being Howie.

Image Source- Sporting News

QB Carson Strong- Stole NFL QB

Jeff Garcia was the last undrafted rookie QB to throw a pass for Eagles. Strong should be the No. 3. Give him time to heal.

Image Source- Nevada Appeal

QB Carson Strong- Undrafted Rookie

Strong is a big kid with a great arm. He's also smart. At 6-3 and 225 pounds, his Nevada production was unmatched.

QB Carson Strong- With a Great Arm

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