Linebacker Channing Crowder has an intriguing bathroom routine in the bathroom. 

Image Source-  NJ.COM

 Channing Crowder was a former Miami Dolphins star likes to have an exchange in the bathroom with his fellow bladder relaxers.

Image Source- AL.COM

Appearing on the Mr. Jay Hill podcast, Crowder was asked about his bizarre behaviour in the bathroom.

Crowder was proud to say that he's not timid when it comes to toilet etiquette.

Jay Hill, the host was astonished by the comments of Crowder, and doubted the validity of the guest's views.

But, Crowder stood by his assertions and said that he's confident in himself.

He is confident in himself and it isn't a problem to engage in conversations with people in the bathroom.

Channing Crowder was a player with the NFL from 2005 until 2010, for the Miami Dolphins.

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