Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger discussed his outlooks on the economy as well as renewable energy.

Charlie Munger- Angel Investor

Charlie Munger- Oil and Crypto

Oil and cryptocurrency following his private investment with an Australian investment firm.

A billionaire investment Munger who has been working and Warren Buffett for several decades shared.

Charlie Munger- Investments

A vice-chairman for Berkshire Hathaway, Munger invested in Stonehouse Corporation,an investment firm.

Charlie Munger- Vice Chairman

Stonehouse Corporation, an investment company that has been flying under the radar.

Charlie Munger- Stonehouse Corporation

 It is managed through Charles Jennings, an American living in Australia. His plan is to mimic the corporate.

Charlie Munger- Corporates Policy

The right-hand man to Buffett, Munger made the decision to invest his personal money.

Charlie Munger- Personal Money

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The global economy will remain dependent upon fossil fuels for a few years, Munger said.

Charlie Munger- Global Economy

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