Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Chet Holmgren was a star in his debut as a professional with 23 points.

Chet Holmgren- Oklahoma City Thunder

The No. 2 draft pick also recorded seven rebound, four assists and six blocks over 24 min to aid the Thunder.

Chet Holmgren - Was No. 2 Draft Pick

He was one of the few players in the summer league history to have minimum five blocked, and scored four 3-pointers.

Chet Holmgren- One of Few Players

Holmgren A versatile player of 7 feet who hails from Gonzaga that averaged 14.1 points, and 9.9 rebound.

Chet Holmgren - Decent Player

He ended up shooting 7-of-7 from 2 point range 4 of 6 from 3-point range and 5-of-5 at the free-throw line.

Chet Holmgren- 2 Point Ranger

Shout out to my teammates for setting me up, talking to me just putting me in position to successful said Holmgren.

Chet Holmgren- Position to Dunk

"Shout out to this guy right here," said he stated, pointing at Giddey. "Double-double with assists.

Chet Holmgren- His Conversation

Holmgren scored 4 of 5 shots during the opening quarter which included the three 3-pointers he hit.

Chet Holmgren- Opening Quarter

Image Source- NBC Sports

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