Chet Holmgren- First Times

It is hard to believe how thin Chet Holmgren looks the first time you watch him play basketball. 

Holmgren's thin frame has been a problem since he was a high school prospect from Minnesota.

Chet Holmgren- High School

Chet Holmgren- NBA Draft

then at Gonzaga, before being picked by the Oklahoma City Thunder with No. 2nd overall pick in 2022 NBA Draft. 

Holmgren is being shown to fans in Las Vegas for the first time in a professional uniform.

Chet Holmgren- Professional Uniform

He's living up to all of the hype. Holmgren is succeeding in the same way he has always done.

Chet Holmgren- Always Done

 He has a unique combination of skill, length and toughness that you rarely see in a player this size.

Chet Holmgren- Length and Thoughness

 Some people can't believe Holmgren's frame, even though he has made some amazing plays in summer league.

Chet Holmgren- Summer League

As a 20-year old Holmgren, he is only beginning to fit into his body. While he will continue to gain muscle.

Chet Holmgren- 20 Year Old

Image Source-, Sportingnews

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