Chet Holmgren- NBA Selection

The Oklahoma City Thunder announced on Thursday that the number. 2 player in this season's NBA selection.

Entire debut season as a professional following an Lisfranc fracture to his left foot participating at the CrawsOver Pro-Am event on Saturday.

Chet Holmgren- Event On Saturday

Even though Holmgren's injury was untimely and cost the player a chance and Thunder fans have the opportunity

Chet Holmgren- The Opportunity

The team's top draft choice since the time they drafted Kevin Durant at No. 2 prior to his move into Oklahoma City.

Chet Holmgren- Kevin Durant

The track history of other top selections who suffered injuries during their debut seasons.

Chet Holmgren- Debut Season

Being without Holmgren is likely to impact the Thunder's prospects for the upcoming season. 

Chet Holmgren- Upcoming Season

Without Holmgren, Oklahoma City becomes more likely to be fighting for lottery positions despite having a few important players in position.

Chet Holmgren- Oklahoma City

Chet Holmgren- Pro-am Events

Image Source- The Gaurdian,Forbes

In addition, the attention-grabbing nature and timing of the injury could affect the way NBA teams approach the offseason pro-am events.

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