Freshmen are considered to be as the top three players in various order for the NBA draft.

Chet Holmgren- Top Three Players

Knock down shots and affect winning at such an early age and early part of my game," Smith explained.

Chet Holmgren- Knock Down Shots

The 6-foot-10 Smith does not have the height of his peers, however he does have the shooting power.

Chet Holmgren- 6 Foot 10 Inch

The majority of bigs don't and he hit 42 percent of his 3-pointers during his single game at Auburn.

Chet Holmgren- Majjority of Bigs

Auburn player averaged 7.4 rebound and thinks that he can defend the three spots in the frontcourt.

Chet Holmgren- Average Rebounds

The same with Holmgren and the seven-footer out of Gonzaga that has agility as well as shooting ability.

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Chet Holmgren- Seven Footer Out

However, at 195lbs, he could benefit from a bit more muscle to mix it up with NBA centers.

Image Source- Sporting News

Chet Holmgren- Bit More Muscles

He's been training in the weight room and will likely return but he still has plenty of things to give.

Chet Holmgren- In the Weight Room

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