The Chicago White Sox announced on Monday they were cancelling their fireworks show after the 4th of July.

Copenhagen Mall- Suspect Arrested

This was in the wake of the shooting spree in Highland Park, a Chicago suburban area in Highland Park.

Copenhagen Mall- Took Place on Sunday

The team played their match against Minnesota Twins as scheduled for 7.10 p.m. CT.

Copenhagen Mall- Social Media Footage

A single gunman was reported to have shot at Highland Park's Independence Day parade on Monday morning.

Copenhagen Mall- Injuries & Deaths

Six were killed and 31 wounded by the end of the day. The shooting instantly triggered a chaos.

Copenhagen Mall- Walking Out

Police advised residents to remain in their homes while the manhunt is being conducted.

Copenhagen Mall- Four Wounded

White Sox closers' Liam Hendriks, who is an Australian teammate who's spoken out on several political issues.

Copenhagen Mall- Detained for Shots

There was a rush of tributes for the community, as videos of the event swept social media, and even in Milwaukee.

Copenhagen Mall- No Evidence

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