Chris Paul- Phoenix Suns

You can put Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul as one of many who did not take for granted the work.

Paul was one of numerous athletes who reacted to Russell's passing this weekend.

Chris Paul- Ranked As

Chris Paul- Devin Booker

Another fellow Suns Guard Devin Booker took to his Instagram page to express his condolences.

The Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury join the entire basketball community in mourning.

Chris Paul- Basketball

The greatest ever winner in the history of basketball and a pioneer in the field in the NBA's history.

Chris Paul- Greatest Ever

His influence on society was far more than the court. Russell made use of his platform to combat.

Chris Paul- The Court

He left a his legacy which is inscribed on the NBA and carried forward by the players.

Chris Paul- His Legacy

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The entire company will forever be grateful for the hours the kind man gave us throughout the years.

Chris Paul- Entire Company

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