Chris Paul- 20th Year

Although some critics may have issues about Miami Heat icon Udonis Haslem being signed for the 20th year.

A Few who appreciate the significance of having a player like Haslem in the team.

Chris Paul-In The Team

This past Sunday Paul was with an audience of elite basketball players from high schools at Los Angeles.

Chris Paul- High Schools

You all heard everybody talking crazy about him?" Paul stated. "'Why are you on the team? Why is he is on the team?

Chris Paul- Statement

Man I'm sure to be the biggest fan of his. Why do you think that is? Because young guys need vets.

Chris Paul- Need Vets

It's important to have someone like UD that shows up each day in practice at 11 am and probably is in the gym at 8:30 each day.

Chris Paul- Each Day In Practice

Paul 37, who is a player, has the same role as Haslem for the Suns. Paul is not only able to Paul assist his players on the court.

Chris Paul- On The Court

Chris Paul- Heat Roster

Image Source-  Marca SI.COM

Although he's not hitting the court more often than the past but the presence of Haslem on the Heat's roster

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