Chris Paul- Serena Williams

Chris Paul, the NBA Star made sure Serena Williams knew that her contributions to the sport.

Williams wrote an essay for Vogue in which she stated that she is "evolving from the game.

Chris Paul- Essay for Vogue

Chris Paul- Tennis Star Admitted

The Tennis Star admitted that there comes a point in our lives when we must decide to change directions.

Serena Williams is a great athlete, and there's no doubt about it. Paul stated that her impact goes beyond the sport.

Chris Paul- A Great Athlete

Chris Paul along with other Sports Legends having a keen eye on the Tennis Star related to her future.

Chris Paul- Other Sports Legend

Williams has been searching for her 24th Grand Slam since 2017, when she won her 23rd.

Chris Paul- For the Grand Slam

The Tennis Star is at the same level as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Tom Brady are.

Chris Paul- Tennis Star

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She's considered to be one of the most legendary athletes to ever play any sport, whether either gender.

Chris Paul- Legendary Athletes

Image Source- NY Times

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