Chris Paul- Phoenix Suns

There's no doubt about that the effect Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul can bring to the field.

This was apparent since he first took to the court at the Valley and has helped to push Phoenix Suns.

Chris Paul- At the Valley

Chris Paul- Regular Calendar

After another solid year in the regular calendar, Paul's performance dropped significantly.

Many blame the turnovers and the lack of scoring to injuries sustained during the playoffs.

Chris Paul- Scoring to Injuries

Paul is now 37 years old is frequently picked by analysts and fans to fall back in the coming years.

Chris Paul- Picked by Analyst

Paul is the engine that will help Phoenix to Chugg along in the hopes of achieving that sought-after NBA title.

Chris Paul- Achieving

The Phoenix Suns finished the season with a soaring 64-18 record and the top score in the NBA at +7.5.

Chris Paul- Finished the Suns

Image Source- Fan Sided

The Hall-of-Famer candidate of the future was the top player in the NBA in nightly assists with 10.8.

Chris Paul- Hall of Famer

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