In a statement on Thursday Sale confirmed that he is indeed the one responsible for the destruction.

Jabari Smith Jr.- NBA Summer League

Jabari Smith Jr.- Best Rookies

When asked to address people who were reacting to the video, Sale blamed without naming person.

He explained that playing baseball is stressful different from those who, for instance is employed.

Jabari Smith Jr.- Stood Up the Challenge

Sale was later quoted as saying that the actor "acted like an idiot." He quickly returned to blame.

Jabari Smith Jr.- Shots & Rebounds

In case you didn't catch the incident, things do happen when Sale is present. In 2016's spring training.

Jabari Smith Jr.- Assists in the Game

Sale was reported to have launched a vulgar attack directed at the General Manager Kenny Williams.

Jabari Smith Jr.- Performed Well

The same season, the player slashed his and his teammates' uniforms since he didn't wish to wear his own on the field.

Jabari Smith Jr.- Opponent Stats

He was exiled from the game that day and later was traded during the offseason.

Jabari Smith Jr.- Inside the Center

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