Christian Vazquez- Strange Night

Christian Vazquez had a strange night prior to The Boston Red Sox's game on Monday.

Vazquez was speaking with reporters on the field of Minute Maid Park. One reporter inquired.

Christian Vazquez- Minute

Christian Vazquez- The Decisions

He explained that the decisions Boston was making were related to "business," and just.

When a reporter was set to ask him a question a Red Sox public relations official brought him.

Christian Vazquez- Red Sox Public

It was reported that he said goodbyes to his fellow Red Sox teammates before talking to reporters.

Christian Vazquez- Teammates

All Vazquez required was to take a walk through the tunnel and then to the opposite side of the field.

Christian Vazquez- The Tunnel

In exchange, the Red Sox received minor leaguers Enmanuel Valdez, an infielder, and Wilier Abreu.

Christian Vazquez- Minors Leaguers

Image Source- Masslive

The 31-year-old catcher has been involved in 84 games in the current season for Boston.

Christian Vazquez- 84 Games

Image Source- Draftkings Nation

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