It's official! The White Bengals announced that they will wear new white helmets beginning in 2022.

Cincinnati Bengals- White Helmets

Cincinnati Bengals- An Overview

The team did not provide an overview of the alternative helmet, or the time it will wear the second set.

The previous year the NFL approved clubs to wear an alternative helmet from 2022 onwards.

Cincinnati Bengals- NFL Approved Clubs

The Bengals are the most recent team to benefit of this rule modification. It is reported.

Cincinnati Bengals- Most Recent Teams

The Houston Texans announced their new "Battle Red" helmets earlier this week.

Cincinnati Bengals- Announcement

Bengals Fans have been asking for white helmets for many years. The rule change that was announced.

Cincinnati Bengals- White Helmets

This is a desire of fans since the team released all black and white Color Rush uniforms back.

Cincinnati Bengals- Desire of Fans

Image Source- CBS Sports

This uniform has been in place through the team's uniform revamp and, now, the team is able to wear new helmets.

Cincinnati Bengals- Uniform Revamp

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