When CJ Stroud drove away in a Mercedes G Wagon worth $200,000, he wasn't just dreaming.

CJ Stroud- mercedes G Wagon

Stroud was able to drive it through Ohio State's 2022 season as part of an endorsement deal tied to the privileges.

CJ Stroud- Ohio State 2022 Season

Ryan Burtan stated "when you talk to people in the community, or at the games, our brand awareness becomes what we're building."

CJ Stroud- Ryan Burtan

Stroud spent part of the afternoon signing things and saying hellos. Then, he broke for an interview at The Canton Repository.

CJ Stroud- Afternoon Signing

In the recent update, Ohio State QB CJ Strout lfte $150k Bentley over $200k Mercedes,

Matt Gage- Fan Concern- Ohio State QB

The deal was presented in an NIL deal to promote car dealership to the Ohio State QB Star.

CJ Stroud- Presented in an NIL Deal

Stroud was invisibility as a freshman at Ohio State in 2020. Justin Fields, a 7-1 Ohio State football team, threw every pass..

CJ Stroud- Freshman at Ohio

Image Source- Yahoo Finance

Ohio State named Stroud as its starting quarterback in 2021 over Jack Miller III or Kyle McCord. 

CJ Stroud- Starting Quarterback

Image Source- USA Today

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