Clearview AI- Controversial Facial Recial AI

Clearview AI, a controversial facial-recognition software company, agreed on Monday that it will not sell its software in US.

A decision that will largely restrict the Clearview AI Facial Recognition Software use to law-enforcement agencies in the USA.

Clearview AI- Law Enforcement

Clearview AI- Lawsuit Filed Against Company

The agreement is part of a settlement of a lawsuit that was filed against the company in Illinois state court two years ago.

New York-based Clearview also agreed under the settl ement that it will not offer free trials of its software to individual police officers.

Clearview AI- Not Offer Free Trials

Clearview AI- Banned for 5 Years

Clearview is barred for 5 years from selling its software, including to state or local law enforcement agencies.

Clearview had told CNN Business in the past that it had limited the use of its software to law enforcement 

Clearview AI- What Told to CNN Business

Clearview AI- ACLU Lawsuit

The ACLU filed its suit in 2020, alleging companies to get consent from people before collecting their biometric information.

Illinois is one of just a few states in the United States that have such biometric privacy laws.

Clearview AI- Illinois has This Law

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