Cleveland Cavaliers- Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton was in the process of negotiating what he believed to be a maximum or at a minimum.

Collin Sexton has shown the ability to score at a high standard in the NBA however injuries prevented him.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Ability to Score

Cleveland Cavaliers- Previous Season

In the previous season Sexton averaged 24.3 scoring per match for 60 games, a level of performance.

However, things haven't turned out as planned however, as well as the Cavaliers aren't sure.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Turned Out

If they see Sexton's 23-year-old status as a key part of their future. This is evident due to the deal.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Key Part

$40 million over three years is a lot more than a promising young player who has scoring potential.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Young Player

If other teams would offer a significant sum to Sexton, it's only natural that the Cavs would not want it.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Significant Sum

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

If the price for Sexton is at the level Fedor has said, more teams may be tempted to join the action right now.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Join the Action

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

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