Clippers vs Lakers- The Arena

The Clippers and Lakers won't have to wait too long before the arena co-tenants will meet for the first time.

The featured duos LeBron and Anthony Davis as well as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Clippers vs Lakers- Featured Duos

Clippers vs Lakers- NBA Schedule

According to sources familiar with the NBA's schedule, it is likely that the teams will meet in person.

Clippers coach Tyronn LUE has won seven consecutive games against the Lakers, and it will mark Darvin Ham.

Clippers vs Lakers- Consecutive Game

According to someone familiar with the schedule, the Clippers will play the opening game of their season.

Clippers vs Lakers- Opening Game

The Clippers will not participate in the NBA's Christmas Day slate for the second year consecutively.

Clippers vs Lakers- Second Year

The LA Clippers expect to be fully fit for the 2022-23 NBA seasons, after adding John Wall to their team.

Clippers vs Lakers- NBA Season

Clippers vs Lakers- Western Conference

Image Source- CBS Sports

Joey Linn, All Clippers interviewed Fisher about why the Clippers are in the Western Conference.

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