Cole Beasley- Dallas Cowboys

It is believed that the Dallas Cowboys' potential solution to their current wide receiver issue is waiting.

In spite of the Cowboys insisting they believe Tony Pollard is their slot receiver Reuniting of sorts.

Cole Beasley- Reuniting Sorts

Cole Beasley- The Main Reson

One of the main reasons Cole was not a shot player is that the Dallas Cowboys traded their No. one player.

Amari Cooper for the Cleveland Browns in the offseason to get an autographed photograph of Baker Mayfield.

Cole Beasley- Cleveland Browns

Cooper did not take the COVID vaccine and missed two games as consequence, losing both.

Cole Beasley- Covid Vaccine

This wasn't a good thing for the coaching staff and the owner/GM, who wanted to do all that was possible.

Cole Beasley- Good Thing

The moment is now Washington is scheduled to be out for at least the initial two months in the season.

Cole Beasley- Scheduled

This means Lamb to compete with the cast of the game show that is a hit, "Can You Name This Receiver?"

Cole Beasley- To Compete

Image Source- ESPN

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