Colin Kaepernick's last chance to get the National Football League job didn't perform well according to Hall of Famer Warren Sapp.

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In an interview with the urban news website VladTV, Sapp did not hold back when Kaepernick's workout in May.

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The VladTV host revealed that there were reports that the exercise did not go as well.

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Sapp came in and said, "I heard it was an absolute disaster. I've heard it was among the most difficult workouts of all time.

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The Raiders provided Kaepernick the chance to work out since the team is in search of an alternative quarterback.

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Kaepernick was still able to contribute something despite being away from the game for the past six years.

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Kaepernick was last seen in 2017 with his team the San Francisco 49ers. He has since made an enviable career

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Following the exercise, the Raiders claimed that the workout "went well but did not provide any specifics.

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