Colin Moran- The Outfielder

The Reds announced that they had returned the outfielder Albert Almora Jr. from the injured list.

The infielder Colin Moran got assigned to the assignment list in a similar move.

Colin Moran- An Assignment

He spent the entire 2018-2021 season with the Pirates and was averaging .272/.330/.428.

Colin Moran- Pirates Averaging

Moran was earning $2.8M last year and was scheduled for arbitration for a raise however, the team took the decision to change.

Colin Moran- For Arbitration

He was eventually signed by the Reds with a deal worth $1M however, he hasn't had a great time this season.

Colin Moran- Deal Worth

He's scored .211/.305/.376 in 42 MLB games. He was also repeatedly outrighted and optioned in June.

Colin Moran- Optioned in June

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Colin Moran- Entire Week

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He was re-elected for the team's 40-man roster just an entire week ago after Michael Moustakas was placed in IL.

The Reds recently have promoted corner infield prospect Spencer Steer, who was acquired as part.

Colin Moran- Corner Infield

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