Football Team- 12 Team By 2026

The College Football Playoff's board managers has voted to extend it from the CFP by 12 teams by 2026.

But it is insisting that the commissioners of the sport consider implementing it by 2024.

Football Team- Sport Consider

The event was called "an historic day for college football," the board's 11 presidents and chancellors ratified the original 12-team.

Football Team- 12 Team

The model includes the six teams with the highest conference champions as well as six at-large teams,

Football Team- Large Team

There are still quite a few issues that have to be resolved -- some very obvious logistical issues that have to be resolved.

Football Team- Logistical Issue

We have asked our commissioners, the management committee, to explore the possibility of us beginning the 12-team playoff.

Football Team- Annual Team Playoff

Football Team- Athletic Director


Ten FBS commissioners as well as Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick will meet on Thursday.

Texas, to start discussions about the possibility of adopting the new format as early as 2024.

Football Team- Early As 2024

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