The reigning Stanley Cup champions might have been on the ropes. But the Tampa Bay Lightning, winners of consecutive titles.

Colorado vs Tampa Bay- Stanley Cup

Tampa Bay Lightning two-game deficit down to one, defeating the Colorado Avalanche 6-2.

Colorado vs Tampa Bay- Two Game Deficit

It wasn't just the two-game deficit in the Stanley Cup Final that had Lightning fans concerned.

Colorado vs Tampa Bay- Fans Concerned

Colorado jumped out to early leads in both games and, in Game 2, absolutely dominated Tampa.

Colorado vs Tampa Bay- To Early Leads

Goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy, one of the best postseason goalies in NHL history, was blitzed for seven goals on Saturday.

Colorado vs Tampa Bay- Best Goalies

Darcy Kuemper was pulled when Tampa Bay took a 5-2 lead past the halfway point of the second.

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Colorado vs Tampa Bay- Took 5-2 Lead

The Avalanche hadn't lost since May 25 before falling 6-2 in Game 3. They hadn't lost in the postseason.

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Colorado vs Tampa Bay- Falling 6-2 in Game 3

Kucherov exited late in the third after getting tied up with Devon Toews along the boards.

Colorado vs Tampa Bay- Tied Up With

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