Dwight Howard- Los Angeles Lakers

Dwight Howard has been spending a lot of time playing for Lakers Los Angeles Lakers.

He played for the Lakers in the 2019-20 season. He resigned in the direction of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Dwight Howard- Philadelphia 76ers

Dwight Howard- Championship

He took home a championship as a player with his team back in 2020 and was used as a key player.

In the beginning of his career, however he was a regular player, and one of the most prominent players.

Dwight Howard- His Career

Howard believes he should be included in the Hall of Fame when his moment comes.

Dwight Howard- Hall of Fame

Howard was not eventually to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. In addition to his previous achievements.

Dwight Howard- Achievements

Howard has also been named an All-NBA basketball player eight times as well as Three times Defensive Player.

Dwight Howard- Basketball Players

Image Source- NY Times

The fact that Howard was able to make the transition from an elite player to an assistant player.

Dwight Howard- Elite Players

Image Source- LA Times

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