Cooper Kupp- Remarkable Sessions

Cooper Kupp is having a remarkable season and has set records for single seasons by scoring 439.5 PPR.

Kupp scored 20 or more fantasy PPR points on record-breaking 14 occasions, while also crossing.

Cooper Kupp- Fantasy Points

Cooper Kupp- 30 Point Mark

The 30-point mark for the first time six times. Kupp also made a huge contribution to his team.

Super Bowl championship run with 45 receptions on 64 targets, for 7 touchdowns and 625 yards.

Cooper Kupp- Super Bowl

When you take all of this into consideration, it comes to no shock that Kupp is widely regarded.

Cooper Kupp- Considerations

Fantasy football's No. 1 wide receiver entering 2022. Since nothing has drastically changed due to his current.

Cooper Kupp- Fantasy Football

There is an extremely real possibility that Kupp will not be able to make it through 2022 as the fantasy.

Cooper Kupp- Real Possibilities

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Kupp's successes listed above make him an appropriate candidate for this group, whereas Jefferson.

Cooper Kupp- Listed Above

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