Cooper Kupp, Wide Receiver has reached an agreement with Los Angeles Rams for the upcoming 5 years.

Cooper Kupp- Wilde Receives

The agreement will give him $110 Million over the next five-years, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter. 

Cooper Kupp- $110 Million Agreement

After the Agreement Signed, Kupp is now among the highest paid receivers in the league.

Cooper Kupp- One of the Highest Paid

The deal was made 48 hours after Donald became defensive lineman of the highest pay in the game. 

Cooper Kupp- 48 Hours after Donald

Los Angeles Rams added an additional three years and $80 million, including $75 million guaranteed.

Cooper Kupp- Los Angeles Rams

Kupp is the eighth receiver in this offseason to be granted extensions that will pay them an average of $20 millions per season. 

Cooper Kupp- Eighth Receiver of Season

Cooper Kupp has two more years left in Los Angeles Rams & this agreement will furhter increase Kupp in the team for 3 years.

Cooper Kupp- Three More Years

Image Source- Forbes

Cooper Kupp is the 4th Player in the NFL history from 1970 to lead the league of yard 1947, caught 145, & touchdown 16.

Cooper Kupp- 4th Player in the NFL

Image Source- CBS Sports

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