Cooper Rush- Saturday Night

The moment you watched the quarterback Cooper Rush start on Saturday night season game.

Rush an undrafted free agent signing in 2017, and continues to develop one of the most impressive career paths.

Cooper Rush- Undrafted Free Agent

Cooper Rush- Five Years Backup

He's a backup for five years who, in a preseason game, was a Division II rookie NAIA project.

He completed 12 out of his 20 throws for 84 yards, and an interception during the Cowboys 17-7 loss.

Cooper Rush- An Interception

This isn't the first time that we've seen Rush perform this during the preseason in a game with Denver Broncos.

Cooper Rush- Denver Broncos

While we don't have to watch any further Cooper Rush football, watching Ben DiNucci play the quarterback.

Cooper Rush- The Quarterback

Rush should create a master's degree at Harvard's business school on where he can combine his aptitude.

Cooper Rush- His Gaming Aptitude

Cooper Rush- Additional Money

Image Source- GMEN HQ

Rush has to earn an additional billion dollars for the chance to be in the same conversation as other.

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