A suspect arrested suspected of shooting dead three people and injuring many others in an attack at a shopping centre.

Copenhagen Mall- Suspect Arrested

The shooting occurred on Sunday, at various places within Field's the shopping mall located in Denmark's capital city.

Copenhagen Mall- Took Place on Sunday

The footage on social media captured people running around the mall with cops with guns in the area.

Copenhagen Mall- Social Media Footage

Two additional Danes as well as two Swedish nationals suffered injuries from gunshots and were taken to hospital.

Copenhagen Mall- Injuries & Deaths

Other people suffered minor injuries as they were walking out of in the store, Thomassen said.

Copenhagen Mall- Walking Out

On Monday, only one of the four wounded was still in critical condition, as per Rigshospitalet hospital.

Copenhagen Mall- Four Wounded

The 22-year old Danish man was detained in connection to the shooting. He is the sole suspect.

Copenhagen Mall- Detained for Shots

Thomassen claimed there was no evidence that the suspect was acting in conjunction with other suspects.

Copenhagen Mall- No Evidence

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