Corbin Burnes- Utter Complete

The Brewers were one of the teams to throw an utter complete shutout on Dodger Stadium.

Thanks to the ace Corbin Burnes whose long-awaited matchup with fellow college teammate Tony Gonsolin was a dud.

Corbin Burnes- Long Awaited

Burnes reached a record in his seven-run limit (all earned) with six hits and two gruesome walks.

Corbin Burnes- Gruesome Walk

In six appearances in the regular season against the Dodgers including four of which were starts.

Corbin Burnes- Regular Season

It doesn't require a mastery of math to calculate the ERA: 10.00. It's Burnes his worst mark in the regular season.

Corbin Burnes- Regular Season

Burnes pitched through the sixth inning and was able to hold the Dodgers to just three runs.

Corbin Burnes- Sixth Innings

That's why they're tough for pitchers. If you're on high-performance, then the mantra to me is that good pitching.

Corbin Burnes- High Performance

Image Source- USA Today

Corbin Burnes- Performance Lineup

Image Source- LA Times

The Dodgers powerful lineup has taken down two of top National League pitchers in just this week's game.

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