Get warm water as well as honey for Cris Collinsworth inside the NBC booth at the double after the Sunday Night Football.

With the new partnership of Mike Tirico and Collinsworth in the booth of NBC the season is underway.

However, We were not expecting Collinsworth to sound a bit under the weather when Sunday night football began.

Instead of the usual tenor, Collinsworth is used to his voice had a raspy sound that sounded like individual fighting off a cold.

The team with Collinsworth along with Mike Tirico working Thursday night's Rams-Bills game opener in the Additional slot.

Some were worried about his health, play-by-play host Tirico said Collinsworth was in good health and that he was fine.

Image Source- Buffalo News

Image Source- Wisdom Bible

Collinsworth's voice slightly with the color commentary choosing his spots to provide additional commentary.

It does not appear that an IR appointment is in the works for Collinsworth anytime in the near future and the game inaugural.

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