Cristian Javier Hector Neris and Ryan Pressly completed the 14th consecutive no-hitter recorded in Astros.

Cristian Javier- Consecutive No-hitter

The victory was Houston's very first win without a no-hitter since Justin Verlander pitched an inning in the Blue Jays.

Cristian Javier- Very First Win

This was also a team effort from the Astros, including Houston with a record number of pitchers.

Cristian Javier- Team Effort from Astros

The no-hitter on Saturday was also significant due to the fact that it took place at the brand new Yankee Stadium.

Cristian Javier- Yankees Stadium

In the final analysis, the no-hitter was impressive due to the fact that the Yankees have one of the MLB's most efficient offenses.

Cristian Javier- Efficient Offenses

New York is the league's leader in home runs, runs and OPS and also had greater wins.

Image Source- Climbing Tal's Hill

Cristian Javier- Leader in the Home Runs

What was the way Javier as well as the Houston bullpen stop the super-powerful Yankees offense?

Image Source- Houston Chronicles

Cristian Javier- Houston Bullpen

Houston required Javier in order to hold them playing in the midst of a battle with Yankees superstar.

Cristian Javier- Hold them Playing

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