Stablecoin CryptoCrash- Key Overview

Crypto-currency markets are being rocked after a popular token lost 99% of its value, dragging down a so-called "stablecoin".

The Terra Luna token fell from a high of $118 (£96), last month, to $0.09 on Thursday.

Stablecoin CryptoCrash- Huge Downfall

Stablecoin CryptoCrash- Linked Tokens

The collapse had a knock-on effect on a linked token, TerraUSD, which is normally stable.

spooked investors are now pulling out of major crypto-currencies, sending markets plummeting.

Stablecoin CryptoCrash- Other Crypto

Stablecoin CrashCrash- Behind Stablecoin

The companies behind stablecoins try to ensure they remain in parity with assets such as the US dollar.

The term which is "cryptocrash" has been trending on Twitter, Google Search, as well as other social media platform.

Stablecoin Crash- CryptoCrash

Stablecoin Crash- Combined Market Value

And the combined market value of all crypto-currencies is now reportedly $1.12trillion.

One Bitcoin is now worth about $27,000, its lowest value since December 2020 and down from a high of nearly $70,000 late last year.

Stablecoin CryptoCrash- Bitcoin

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