Dak Prescott- Best Describes

If anyone best describes the way player Dak Prescott has played this summer the answer is Stephen Jones.

The Cowboys' executive vice-president was in the area of war when the franchise picked Prescott at the end.

Dak Prescott- Vice President

Dak Prescott- Second Half

Prescott was in Seattle in the second half of 2016 in the year Tony Romo suffered a back injury.

He sat in a luxurious hotel suite along with father as well as club director Jerry Jones, and other family members.

Dak Prescott- Luxurious Hotel

If Stephen Jones says his QB1 is enjoying a great training camp, it's from the same place that he's seen every aspect.

Dak Prescott- Training Camp

They keep getting better each year. In my mind. I think that he's had the best training camp that he's had.

Dak Prescott- Better Each Year

In the summer of last year, Prescott's training camp was cut short by an injury to his throwing shoulder.

Dak Prescott- Training Camp

Image Source- The Sports Rush

Dak Prescott- Leg Fracture Injury

Image Source- Blogging the Boys

The injury put additional stress on his recovery from a leg fracture sustained in five games of the season.

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