Dak Prescott- Top Quarterback

Quarterback Dak Prescott was asked to explain why he did not take a break two days before the game.

"I was limited today, but as I said, it is my ankle, but it's just being very, very cautious," Prescott declared.

Dak Prescott- Ankle Injury

Switching shoes today was probably not the best choice. Here we go. We're all set to go. I'll promise that.

Dak Prescott- Best Choice

The ankle issues began to manifest in the year Prescott changed from Jordan 1 football shoes.

Dak Prescott- Ankle Manifest

The same joint had to be surgically repaired when Prescott broke it during five weeks of season 2020.

Dak Prescott- Surgery Necessary

Prescott was experiencing issues when he had issues, reported them to the associate coach Britt Brown.

Dak Prescott- Issue Experienced

Image Source- NY Post

Dak Prescott- The Practice Season

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

He had just completed the practice portion for himself before heading for the locker room.

Prescott simply put on a more comfortable pair of cleats and continue the practice on Thursday.

Dak Prescott- More Comfortable

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