Dallas Cowboys- Occasional

There were occasional whispers of mutual interest lingered throughout the offseason.

The Cowboys hired veteran linebacker Anthony Barr to a one-year contract that could be worth.

Dallas Cowboys- Linebacker

Dallas Cowboys- An Hour

The signing took place an hour after the Cowboys completed their game simulation.

Barr-to the-Cowboys was around and around for some time, it's not hard to be overjoyed.

Dallas Cowboys- Overjoyed

Barr was a tremendously efficient player for Mike Zimmer's defences Minnesota over the last eight years.

Dallas Cowboys- Efficient Player

I'll be the creator of joy for a few seconds and tell you that Barr has changed from the type of player.

Dallas Cowboys- Joy Creator

Although Barr definitely wouldn't be the first player to reverse the clocks following an unexpected change.

Dallas Cowboys- First Player

Image Source- Sporting News

Major teammate for the Cowboys and the expectations of fans are to be moderated as such.

Dallas Cowboys- Expectations

Image Source- USA Today

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