Dallas Cowboys- Regular Seasons

We are officially into the regular season , which means everything is performed in a proper and correct way.

This Sunday will be the start of the season of the Dallas Cowboys, and we're all eager to watch them.

Dallas Cowboys- Season Start

We're excited to see some of the long-time players on the squad, however the first appearances of new players.

Dallas Cowboys- On the Squad

When it comes to the new players of all kinds, sometimes there's an adjustment at this time of the year.

Dallas Cowboys- The New Players

There are often jersey numbers that are swapped out as players first have to choose a jersey they might not be a fan of.

Dallas Cowboys- Jersey Numbers

After the roster is cut down to 53 players, opportunities arise, and it seems that some players and even a few rookies.

Dallas Cowboys- Cut Down

Image Source-  The Guardian

Dallas Cowboys- New Numbers

Image Source- Marca

Daron Bland, Dennis Houston, Jake Ferguson, Peyton Hendershot, and Matt Waletzko all have new numbers.

In fairness to Waletzko, one of the main reasons for his new numbers is the arrival of long-time NFL veteran Jason Peters.

Dallas Cowboys- Main Reason

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