The Dallas Cowboys sparked criticism on social media on Tuesday for announcing an agreement to market.

Dallas Cowboys- Social Media

A coffee company whose name is gun-themed with blends which comprise "AK-47 Espresso," "Silencer Smooth".

Dallas Cowboys- A Coffee Company

The alliance with Black Rifle Coffee Co. was announced via Twitter the day following the death of more than half.

Dallas Cowboys- Black Rifle

Victims were killed in the shooting that took place at the Fourth of July parade in suburbs of Chicago.

Dallas Cowboys- 4 July Parade

A little more than a month ago that the Cowboys have announced that they will make an $400,000 contribution.

Dallas Cowboys- Contributions

Survivors and victims of the shooting at a school at Uvalde within South Texas, where 19 students and two teachers were killed.

Dallas Cowboys- Victims of Shooting

The tweet, which announced the agreement that was signed between "America's Team" and Coffee"

Dallas Cowboys- On the Twitter

"Maybe read the room a bit, guys," one user wrote, and another wrote "The Dallas Cowboys just lost one.

Dallas Cowboys- Fans Lost

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Image Source- Sports Illustrated