Dameon Pierce- Houston Texans

Although the Houston Texans' rotating door has not been much to cheer about lately, it could soon change.

Pro Football Focus ranked Dameon Pierce, 107th overall, second on its top 10 day three picks.

Dameon Pierce- Pro Football

Dameon Pierce- Texans Camp

Pierce showed up at Texans camp to prove he is RB1 despite the fact that he was being held back.

It's amazing that Pierce's greatest trait, his ability to break tackles, isn't something you will see in practice.

Dameon Pierce- Greatest Trait

They've always leaned toward a strong back who can take on the defense's tough yards and won't give up.

Dameon Pierce- A Strong Back

Rex Burkhead, a 22-year-old at 5-10 and 218 pounds, was listed below Marlon Mack on Houston's preseason.

Dameon Pierce- Listed Below

This chart is ahead of this weekend against the New Orleans Saints. This was not surprising.

Dameon Pierce- This Weekend

Image Source- Alligator Army

Dameon Pierce- Three Down Back

Image Source- CBS Sports

Pierce joins an offense that is looking for a three-down back with a strong feature and has made investments.

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