Damian Lillard- New Contract

Damian Lillard's new contract with the Trail Blazers is a point of satisfaction of the 6-time All Star.

"I don't think that you earn something like this just by going out there and scoring a bunch of points.

Damian Lillard- Bunch of Points

Damian Lillard- In Our League

Something that's missing in our league is character, and the fight and the passion and pride about.

Lillard has signed an extension of two years to the season 2026/27. According to multiple reports.

Damian Lillard- An Extensions

Lillard officially signed the extension with his son sitting on his lap, and his grandmother calling.

Damian Lillard- Officially Signed

He was speaking at a news gathering on Saturday evening during the summer NBA league.

Damian Lillard- News Gathering

Lillard will earn about $59 million in 2025-26and after which he will earn $63 million following year.

Damian Lillard- Following Year

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According to the person who spoke with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Damian Lillard- Associated Press

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