Damian Lillard- Deeply Involved

Few players are as deeply involved in the history of the team as Damian Lillard is associated with his team.

Lillard has dragged the Blazers back to the playoffs over and over again until finally an abdomen injury.

Damian Lillard- Blazers Back

Damian Lillard- The Final Game

The final game of Dame in the regular season was played with an assortment of players, an ineffective dart.

Portland draftee who demonstrated impressive growth in just 12 games following Lillard was dropped.

Damian Lillard- Impressive Growth

The Blazers took full advantage of the opportunity by breaking up Lillard's alliance with CJ McCollum.

Damian Lillard- Full Advantage

Portland was able to do a good job at leveraging the situation and creating a more robust, cohesive team.

Damian Lillard- Leveraging Situation

It's a defensively-oriented group with established veterans as well as promising young talent waiting.

Damian Lillard- Oriented Group

Damian Lillard- Elite Guard

Image Source- Sporting News

It is essential to build around an elite guard who lacks in size or stature when compared to his peers.

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