Damian Lillard may be up to something. The Trail Blazers superstar took to Instagram Saturday.

Damian Lillard- Trail Blazzers

The post caused shockwaves across social media Some even accused Lillard of manipulating.

Damian Lillard- Caused Shockwaves

Then Blazers centre Jusuf Nurkic got involved in the excitement through Twitter and captioned puzzle pieces.

Damian Lillard- Blazers Centre

The saga that has been brewing in the Nets concerning Kyrie Irving's contract has also led to questions.

Damian Lillard- Concerning Kyrie

They are trying to improve their team around superstar Lillard The superstar of the Blazers Portland.

Damian Lillard- Trying to Improve

As Lillard reaches 32 years old in the month of July it's clear that the Blazer's finals window for winning is starting.

Image Source- The Spun

Damian Lillard- Window for Winning

If, in the unlikely event that Lillard Durant and Durant become teammates.

Image Source- Caknowledge

Damian Lillard- Unlikely Event

Any deal Portland could make with Durant will require the disposal of assets.

Damian Lillard- Any Deal Portland

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