Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder informed the House Oversight Committee via letter.

Dan Snyder- Washington Commanders

Dan Snyder wouldn't testify at the hearing on June 22, saying he would have to be overseas.

Dan Snyder- Wouldn't Testify

Snyder's refusal to testify was long anticipated. Attorney Karen Patton Seymour wrote a four-page letter.

Dan Snyder- Refusal to Testify

Snyder was open to testifying but that the committee would not consider changing the hearing date.

Dan Snyder- Changing Hearing Date

In the letter, Snyder stated that he had a long-standing Commanders-related conflict in his business.

Dan Snyder- Long Standing Commanders

The Committee intends forward with this hearing." We are currently reviewing the letter of Mr. Snyder and will respond.

Image Source- NBC4 Washington

Dan Snyder- Intends Forward

Snyder was told by a source that the Oversight Committee declined to show the same respect and courtesy.

Image Source- Front Office Sports

Dan Snyder- Same Respect & Courtesy

Mr. Snyder is willing to cooperate with the committee, but he cannot attend the hearing on June 22 due to the disregard.

Dan Snyder- Willing to Co-Operate

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