Daniel Jones- Young Career

Daniel Jones ' young career at 25, but he's also in the last calendar year for his debut contract.

Jones appeared like the next star for the Giants following an impressive debut season.

Daniel Jones- The Next Star

Daniel Jones- Poor Teamwork

But injuries, poor teamwork and his inept play have slowed him down during the last two seasons.

His future with the Giants looks bleak and it all depends on his performance this season.

Daniel Jones- Looks Bleak

Jones is currently in his third coach in the span of four years. However, the new administration.

Daniel Jones- Third Coach

Daniel's still got a lot to learn from a scheme standpoint. And our offense has done a tremendous job.

Daniel Jones- A Lot to Learn

And we look forward to seeing him getting better each day," Joe Schoen told reporters at an interview.

Daniel Jones- Getting Better

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The head coach in the first year of his job Brian Daboll, who was Josh Allen's offensive coordinator in Buffalo.

GTA 6- Added Employees

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Grand Theft Auto VI may reflect the changing social attitudes just as it influences gaming...

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