Danilo Gallinari- Italian National Team

Danilo Gallinari initially was injured during the course of a World Cup Qualifier game for the Italian national team. 

It was initially thought to be a torn meniscus which could keep him in the hospital for a few months has now been confirmed as a torn ACL.

Danilo Gallinari- Torn ACL

The first and most important thing is that this is a major loss for Gallinari who was ecstatic about joining his fellow Celtics following.

Danilo Gallinari- Celtics Following

In his inaugural conference, he talked about his experience as the fulfillment of a desire.

Danilo Gallinari- His Exprience

Gallinari suffered a knee injury during an unorthodox non-contact move during the qualifier game.

Danilo Gallinari- Qualifier Game

It's not a great timing as we get closer to the training camp however it leaves the possibility of returning at the close in the current season.

Danilo Gallinari- Current Season

Danilo Gallinar- 6-12 Month

Image Source- Fadeawayworld, Masslive

ACL injuries come with the potential to return within 6-12 months. Although Gallinari's status.

In the meantime, Sam Hauser comes into the spotlight as a player that could be given more opportunities.

Danilo Gallinari- More Opportunities

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