Dark matter could be from extra dimensions

Massive gravitons may have formed a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang, in abundances great account for dark matter.

What is Dark Matter???

Dark matter, the elusive substance that accounts for the majority of the mass in the universe, may be made of massive particles.

Dark matter- What a New Theory Suggest

These hypothetical particles might be cosmic refugees from extra dimensions, a new theory suggests.

Dark matter- When it can be Seen

Dark Matter, this extraordinary particles can only be "seen" through its gravitational pull on ordinary matter.

Dark matter- Collisions Produces Gravitons

Massive gravitons are produced by collisions of ordinary particles in the early universe. This process was believed to be too rare.

Dark matter- Gravitons Mass

The gravitons, if they exist, would have a mass of less than 1 megaelectronvolt (MeV), no more than twice the mass of an electron.

Dark Matter- How Gravitons Found

Team found these hypothetical gravitons while hunting for evidence of extra dimensions, which some physicists suspect exist.

Dark matter- What does the Team Theory Suugest

Team's theory, when Gravity propagates through extra dimensions, it materializes in our universe as massive gravitons.

Dark matter- What so Fascinating Anout it!!!

Dark matter does not interact with light yet has a gravitational influence felt everywhere in the universe.

Dark matter- Decay Very Slowly

Due to their very weak interactions, they decay so slowly that they remain stable over the lifetime of the universe.

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