Darren Waller- Injury Season

Since the beginning of the season last year the injury issue has been a huge issue in the case of Las Vegas Raiders.

Waller missed a large portion of the training camp in the past due to an injury that appeared to last longer.

Darren Waller- A Large Portion

Darren Waller- Difficult Year

It was definitely a difficult year for Waller, who was a Pro Bowler in the past, and one he probably never would like to repeat.

Prior to his return to practice on Wednesday Waller was out from July 31 by an injury that ESPN reported was an injury.

Darren Waller- Return to Practice

Then, it appeared like everything was going in the proper direction once the pads were put back on.

Darren Waller- Proper Direction

This could be an element of the coaching staff's and the training staff's plans to help ease Waller return.

Darren Waller- Training Staff

Waller was earlier suffering from injuries to his hamstring, and was able to return to a restricted practice.

Darren Waller- Earlier Sufferings

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Darren Waller- Practice Game

Image Source- AP News

The status of the tight end in next Saturday's practice game with the Dolphins is not clear.

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